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Selected for QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program


Holy hectic. I’ve been selected for the QWC/Hachette manuscript development program for 2011!

I’m really ecstatic, and more than a little surprised. You see, I’d sort of forgotten I’d entered the competition until the QWC rang a month ago to inform me that I’d been longlisted. I think what happened was I submitted my entry then promptly put it out of my mind, believing I’d never be selected. Adding to this was the fact that, the day after posting my submission, I went to the Czech Republic for a month to dig up paleolithic artefacts. I forgot about a lot of things during that interesting adventure!

The Theafact

Cave bear canine tooth

Cave bear vertebra

The news that I’d been longlisted triggered a nerve-jangling waiting period filled with hoping and doubting and trying to get my mind off the competition and into something different and fresh. Distracting myself with other projects worked for a while, but as October 6 drew nearer, I tended to lose focus more frequently.

To make matters worse, the initial announcement date of October 6 was pushed back till October 14. Then I missed the call and the voicemail message was ambiguous. When I phoned back, everyone at the QWC was in training for the afternoon and weren’t available until the following Monday. On Monday, the person I was meant to speak to wasn’t in the office, so I didn’t actually find out until Tuesday that I’d been selected. By this time, the nail-biting waiting game had all but shredded my nerves.

It’s taken a few days for the news to sink in. Until I received confirmation, I’d had plenty of time to convince myself that I’d been unsuccessful. Now, I’m full of nervous excitement. I’m really keen to meet publishers and editors from Hachette, literary agents and other writers. Most of all, I’m looking forward to gaining valuable experience that this rare opportunity provides – learning what it will take to lift my manuscript to a publishable standard.

It’s incredible to be given an opportunity like this, and I intend to make as much of it as I possibly can.

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