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MICF Review: Adam Knox is All Washed Up


ImageAdam Knox is a versatile performer. He can play the piano, sing, and use a range of vocal alterations to represent various character changes. Moving through history, from his birth in 1989 (“because in 1988 alcohol was more expensive than condoms”) through to 2062, we get a sense of how Adam Knox sees himself at the age of 73 – all washed up.

His life experiences range from earning a living as a birthday party clown, to narrowly missing out on an Oscar for his starring role in The Man Who Couldn’t Blink, to witnessing Oprah Winfrey become President of the United States, to a series of spectacularly catastrophic attempts at charity work, in which children become orphans and whales die.

Knox provides some truly funny moments – the best of which are purely instrumental – and the show hangs together with a basic but effective narrative thread. I couldn’t shake the feeling, though, that All Washed Upwas little more than an hour of bloated one-liners, fused into a fictional life story. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was, well, adequately washed up.

Then again, as Adam Knox’s 73-year-old self would say, “What the fuck do reviewers know?” Touché.

First published at The Pun

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