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MICF Review: Matt Okine – Being Black & Chicken & S#%t


Matt Okine is a bolt from the blue: brilliant, hilarious and entirely unexpected. If you only have time to see one show in the Comedy Festival, make it this one. It is superb.

Tucked away in a small room in the Town Hall, Matt Okine uses the intimacy of the space to build instant rapport with the audience in such an affable manner that it’s easy to forget that you’re part of an audience instead of sitting in your own lounge room listening to a good friend’s funny story.

Just in case anyone doesn’t notice, Matt Okine points out that he’s black. He also talks about cooked, uncooked and metaphorical chicken. But if you’re expecting some literal shit, you’ll be disappointed – no poo jokes appear anywhere in the show. Which is refreshing. The S#%T he refers to is life. His life. His wonderful, funny, genuine, enigmatic story of a life that is conveyed in such an original way that not once did I catch myself thinking, “I’ve heard that before.”

Not only is Matt Okine an exceptional comedian with an impeccable sense of timing, he’s also a terrific writer. His show is fresh and humorous, with a ring of truth and a slant of self-ridicule that is perfectly balanced. His presentation is seamless, unaffected, and delivered with a smile. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I have to say it – Matt Okine’s calibre of stand-up is on par with that of Adam Hills or Danny Bhoy.

If he keeps this up, I expect we’ll be seeing the talented Matt Okine on a much larger stage in the near future.

First published at The Pun

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  1. 06.04.2012 9:55 PM

    Another cool share! Good work!

    • 06.04.2012 10:34 PM

      This guy is an absolute legend. Watch out for him. I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna be big.

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