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MICF Review: Andrew McClelland’s One Man Stand


Hailing from the community of Craigiedunk, Andrew McClelland presents a night of talent, variety, and a variety of talent. All by himself. Progressing through a plethora of accents, characters, and stereotypes, McClelland gives seven of his own creations a brief timeslot to shine. Or, in some cases, implode.

Irishman Danny O’Shannassy dusts off some groan-worthy Aussie location and slang jokes. Maggot Spunka introduces us to his catchcry “You’ve been Spunked!” and assaults us with bogan-speak. Frank Thing, the absurdist comedian, attempts to read minds, and demonstrates that he’s the only person who understands his own jokes. First-timer Richard Dawkins tries his hand at stand-up, and Leon Alpenski draws on his xylophonic talent to perform a new breed of Russian “receptical comedy”.

But the final act is the most memorable. Dominic Larder is a hoarse, loud, grinning American who’s a cross between Gilbert Gottfried and the Cheshire Cat. He pats his pot belly and insists he’s in shape – “but I’m the shape of a rhombus”.

McClelland’s format – playing MC to his fictional line-up – works well to an extent. He’s confident, comfortable, has a great stage presence, and interacts well with the audience. But his play-on-comedian stereotypes feels like an excuse to recycle racist and sexist jokes. “Women are a great genre,” McClelland admits, before deftly moving on to topics that have been presented a gazillion times already.

First published at The Pun

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  1. 06.04.2012 9:52 PM

    I’d love to have the nerve to perform a stand-up routine! Great share!

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