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MICF Review: Sanderson Jones – The Working Holiday Tour


ImageAttending a Sanderson Jones performance is a bit like being invited to a game of Trivial Pursuit, only to be informed on the night that you’ve actually signed up for Russian roulette.

When I met him in the street – he sells every ticket by hand – Jones came across as an eager, smiling comedian; just one among hundreds trying to spruik his brand of comedy to passers-by.

Under the spotlight, however, Jones morphed from polite comedian to grinning, devilish presenter of remarkable social media comments. Not his own comments, mind you – the audience’s.

The friendly rapport Jones built with his audience (a result of the pleasant face-to-face ticketing) turned wicked in an instant. Past tweets and status updates from unwitting audience members were projected onto a cinema screen and then openly discussed, much to the horror or squirming delight of the subjects in question.

I was considerably relieved I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Even more alarming was Jones’s gleeful introduction of a ‘Comedians vs Critics’ segment, adding that, “It’s gonna be fun. Or at least a thing.” All I can say is this: if you’re a critic or reviewer, don’t wear your favourite shirt to a Sanderson Jones show – you may quite literally end up with cream pie on your face.

Some sections of the show, as Jones suggested we critics write, were “seamless as fuck”. Then again, some elements were about as logical as Andrew Bolt. Jones revelled in pushing the boundaries – not quite to their limits, but close enough. His obsession with Venn diagrams and live Chatroulette, mixed with a penchant for the absurd, made for an interesting, albeit confusing, performance.

I’m still not sure whether Jones’s show was ‘fun’ or ‘a thing’. Either way, it was memorable.

First published at The Pun

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