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Kerynia Café


DATE 4 February, 2012

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ADDRESS 354 Smith St

SERVICE Menus didn’t arrive at the table for 20 minutes. Staff seemed unfamiliar with the menu.

AMBIANCE Light, airy, and comfy enough but lacking character.

FOOD Greek-style meze with Greek mains and drinks. Highlights were dips and bread. Basic and affordable.

DRINKS Greek coffee, fresh juices and a good selection of wines. All reasonably priced.

FACILITIES Street dining and back courtyard, accessible through Japanese screen.

EXTRAS Good takeaway selections, and wall signs with a sense of humour.

TOILETS Basic but clean.

RECOMMENDATION Café dining for people with a low budget, heaps of time, and who are not too fussy about food quality.


(1.5 stars)



– K&T

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