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White Night


After a wonderful (and free!) final concert from the MSO last night…


…I decided to check out the sights and sounds of Melbourne’s very first White Night festival.

It took me 30 minutes to walk about 500 metres. I didn’t expect it to be quite so busy. Or so interesting.

Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge

White Night 2

Flinders St buildings

White Night 3

People watching projections on the stained glass in St Paul’s Cathedral

White Night 4

Lighting in St Paul’s Cathedral turned night into day

White Night 5

Flinders St Station steps become a stage, and the streets a mosh pit

White Night 6

Buildings were alive with spectacular light shows

I wanted to see more, but I would’ve spent all night squeezing through crowds in uncomfortable heat just to get a glimpse of these wonders. Hopefully next year festival organisers will spread the light shows across a few more streets so viewers aren’t crammed into a couple of city blocks.

Or maybe I’ll just head into the city at 3:00am, when the crowds are a little thinner.


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  1. 25.02.2013 6:14 PM

    Awesome, the station looks vaguely like Luna Park 😉

  2. 08.03.2013 5:37 AM

    Incredible shots!

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