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Gorski and Jones



DATE 11 April, 2012

ADDRESS 304 Smith St

SERVICE Prompt, professional and attentive.

AMBIANCE This place has character. It’s a modern venue with a vintage touch. Open kitchen and bar, exposed brickwork, warehouse style decor. Candles and good music are nice touches.

FOOD Good quantity, delicate, fragrant and delicious. Fine dining cuisine. Great selection of food – Wagyu beef entree, oysters, snapper, ravioli, chocolate cake and rhubarb crumble. All exquisite meals.

DRINKS Excellent cocktails and top shelf selections. Not a large wine list, but decent quality.

EXTRAS All fresh produce of exceptional quality. Fresh seafood, and a very honest kitchen.

SURPRISES Back room with rustic Tuscan atmosphere, heating and cover. Lots of little thoughtful details.

RECOMMENDATION Perfect for first dates, special occasions and intimate dining. Faultless.


Star rating 5(5 stars)



– K&T


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