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On being a trivia host


For the past three Wednesdays, I’ve hosted trivia nights at a colourful local cafe called The Knife Shop.

Before this, I’d only ever hosted one trivia night.

One. Ever. In my entire life.

And it was a massive fundraiser for over 100 people.

But I found it pretty easy, and I enjoyed it, so I thought becoming a trivia host would be a great way to mix things up and have some fun. I suggested this idea to the cafe owners, and within a month, Blunt Trivia was born.

The result? I adore it.

It’s not like pub trivia. This is cosy and interactive. The people are locals who come in for conversation, warm winter food and a bottle of wine. They’re interesting and lively and love a good laugh. I take requests for the music round (my sneaky way of getting people back in the door the following week!), and I really do try to include a balanced mix of questions. Even sport (urgh).

We’ve had a few technical hiccups, and a couple of bonus point questions while the PC-savvy staff/patrons sort out the equipment for me, but despite the glitches it’s been a real success.

Blunt Trivia is only in its infancy, but I’m hoping it will continue on to provide locals with some quality midweek entertainment. So if you happen to be in Collingwood on a Wednesday night and are looking for something to do, come down to The Knife Shop to sharpen the mind, fill the belly, and have a laugh.


Blunt Trivia @ The Knife Shop

287 Wellington St Collingwood

Wednesdays from 7:00pm

Bookings essential: 03 9415 1488


Got ideas for question topics and music themes? Post them below and let me know when you’ll be coming – I might just schedule your request in for that day!


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  1. 19.05.2013 9:47 PM

    Good luck!

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