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Day 4


What a whirlwind the last few days have been! Since launching the Ancient Australia Unearthed project on Pozible, I’ve been madly writing, planning, emailing and tweeting, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

The pledge tally so far is $425!

Two wonderful people have opted to receive a hard copy of the book when it’s published, and others will be receiving magnets, stickers, badges and cool military-style hats! I’m thrilled with the support so far, and am excited about the potential of this project.

Here’s a quick progress report on the book:

I like to have non-fiction works figured out in advance, so at the moment, the book is a jumble of headings and text, but very soon, this mess will become a neat document that corresponds with this storyboard plan:


I’ve taken over the dining table, and my housemate has been ever so gracious and understanding!


I’ll be uploading a video shortly of some midget-sized fans who really want to see this book published! Stay tuned.

There are 49 days to go, but that’s not a lot of time in the world of crowdfunding, so please keep spreading the word and help me get this project off the ground!

Ancient Australia Unearthed – using archaeology to teach Australia’s prehistory.

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