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Welcome to my little corner of the e-globe.

I’m a Melbourne-based archaeologist, teacher and writer. I took the long route to get here, studying music composition, English and Classics, then went and wrote a thesis on violence and morality in young adult literature, then tackled a couple of teaching qualifications, and finished off with a diploma in archaeology. I’m lucky enough now to be able to split my time between the things I love most.

In early 2011, I launched an online business specialising in writing assistance services and creative advice. If you’re looking for some help with proofreading and editing, or just need some grammar teaching resources or tips on writing tertiary assessment, check out the Plainspeak page.

And for anyone interested in archaeology, I’ve got another blog named Ask the Archaeologist where you can find out interesting facts and news about archaeology.

Blog updates at Theasaurus Vol. 82 are unscheduled, and are usually about anything that’s caught my interest.


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  1. 24.07.2013 8:35 AM

    Nice to meet you!

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