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Pasta Classica/Mamma Vittoria


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DATE 11 February, 2012

ADDRESS 352 Smith St

SERVICE No-nonsense, friendly service. Very prompt. Family-oriented business.

AMBIANCE Comfortable, mismatched furniture, like having a meal at home. Traditional home-style Italian decor, with a view straight through to the kitchen. Commercial radio playing in the background.

FOOD Simple, delicious, home-made pastas and salads. Very reasonably priced. Interesting flavours.

DRINKS Italian soft drinks, quality ginger beer, amazing selection of teas, and great Italian coffee.

FACILITIES No-fuss in-store and street dining.

EXTRAS Fresh pasta and ready-made sauces to take home and cook later. Parmesan, prosciutto and pancetta. Fresh cannelloni. Fillings change every day, but include ingredients such as lobster, pumpkin, mushroom, kangaroo, myrtle, ricotta and walnut.

SURPRISES Completely okay with customers taking very long lunches. Not at all pushy. Wonderful family history, if you take the time to ask. A unique little spot.

RECOMMENDATION Try it! You will not be disappointed.


(4.5 stars)





– K&T



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  1. 29.09.2012 9:49 PM

    You can’t go wrong with “Old School Italian”, can you?

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